Indiana Workers Compensation


Have you or someone you know been injured on the job? You will need someone you can trust to explain your rights and help you get the benefits you deserve. We work diligently to receive your lost wage benefits, the best medical treatment possible, and fair settlements.

Indiana law requires employers to provide a variety of benefits (usually through worker's compensation insurance) to employees who are injured or killed while on the job. Basic worker's compensation benefits include payment of all medical bills, weekly or bi-weekly lost wage checks (often called TTD), and a monetary payment for the employee's permanent physical damage.

Additional reimbursement is often appropriate for out-of-pocket prescription costs and mileage expenses for travel to and from medical appointments. In many cases, the development of special evidence can result in extended lost wage payments and for coverage of an employee's "future medical" needs.

An employee that is injured is entitled to these benefits without having to prove anybody was negligent. That means that the benefits are payable regardless of whether the injury was the employer's fault, a coworker's fault, nobody's fault, or even the employee's fault.

There are also circumstances when an injured employee may be entitled to worker's compensation benefits but be unaware that he/she has a viable claim. For instance, an employee who is injured while driving and/or traveling on business may be covered.

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